Terms and Conditions

E-tickets will be automatically issued by Bangladesh Railway Portal within 30 minutes of successful payment. User(s) can obtain their ticket(s) and also download the PDF version of the ticket from the confirmation page. Concurrently, a copy of the ticket will be sent to the user’s email address. However, some mail service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook might place the email in “SPAM” folder. Furthermore, it might also be possible that the mail has been blocked by any of the mentioned service providers. However, email containing PDF tickets may be delayed for technical reasons. Therefore, unavailability of the confirmation mail should not be regarded as non-issuance of ticket. If the reservation does not materialize and the client-passenger still wants to try for the same reservation once again, the process will be treated as a new reservation. User(s) can always download the tickets from the “Purchase History” section of the website or “My Tickets” section of Rail Sheba app.

Ticket purchase limitation per day:

Bangladesh Railway passengers:

  1. Can purchase maximum 4 tickets (seats) in a single transaction. The transaction can be online or at the ticket booking counter at stations.
  2. Can do maximum of 2 transactions per day.
    • Maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased per day.
    • Train numbers should be different for those two transactions.
    • Origin stations should be different for those two transactions.
    • Destination stations should be different for those two transactions.

To issue railway tickets, Bangladesh Railway Portal depends on different payment getaways for the Card/Wallet charge information. Bangladesh Railway does not store any sensitive information of Passengers such as Card/Wallet details, OTP, Pin Code. In case any Card/Wallet is charged and/or Payment Gateway fails to return the information in due time, it is possible that the passenger’s Card/Wallet would be charged without being issued for the desired tickets. In such instances, Payment Gateways will automatically refund the purchased amount by the Client-Passenger to their respective Card/Wallet within 8 (eight) working days. However, in case such a Client-Passenger does not receive refund within 8 (eight) working days, the client Client-Passenger is requested to send a complaint email to [email protected] with details of the issue. A reply to such a Client-Passenger will be sent within 7 working days. Due to the dependency on payment service providers, it might take several days to resolve the issue. For a refund of unsuccessful purchases and card charging issues, Client-Passenger must contact the Payment Service Provider through which s/he made the transaction. For a refund of successfully purchased tickets, the Client-Passenger must visit their respective originating station (i.e., Departure Station from which the Client-Passenger will travel) and contact the refund counter. Bangladesh Railway or Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV will not be held responsible for the non-issuance of tickets or delay of refund due to errors in payment processing or any other reasons that are beyond the control of Bangladesh Railway or Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV. Bangladesh Railway makes no guarantee/warranty that any of the above services will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free due to the dependencies on many Service Providers.

In case of any concerns or grievance against tickets purchased through the e-ticket website or Rail Sheba app, a passenger should notify Bangladesh Railway within 2 hours by sending an email along with the e-ticket details to [email protected].

For any other grievance including tickets purchased from counters or any sort of inconvenience caused at stations or trains during their travel, passengers are requested to raise their complaints to Bangladesh Railway through the concerned Traveling Ticket Examiner (“TT”). Any such complaint must be supported by the corresponding tickets. Such grievances will be strictly regulated by Bangladesh Railways Act, 1890 (Act IX of 1890) and Bangladesh Railway Coaching Tariff.

Ticket purchase, refund and journey rules & regulations:
  1. This ticket is non-transferable and non-assignable.
  2. It is mandatory for children between 3 to 12 years old to purchase minor tickets.
  3. No additional fees for Passengers who travel within the luggage weight limits of:
    AC- 56 KG, First Class- 37.5 KG, Shovon chair/ Shovon- 28 KG, Shulobh- 23 KG;
  4. The coach/seat number may change during the journey due to unavoidable circumstances;
  5. Ticket return policy:
    • In case of ticket return 48 hours prior to the commencement of the journey, BDT 40 or 10% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • In case of less than 48 hours and more than 24 hours, BDT 40 or 25% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • In case of less than 24 hours and more than 12 hours, BDT 40 or 50% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • For less than 12 hours and more than 06 hours, BDT 40 or 75% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • No refund for less than 06 hours;
    • Service charges for online purchase are non-refundable.
    • The refund amount will be disbursed to your respective MFS (bKash, Nagad, Rocket) or bank card (VISA / MasterCard / Nexus) within 8 business days. However, the refund to your bank cards may take longer and may vary according to your card issuer bank’s refund policies.
  6. Bangladesh Railway is a national resource. Do not travel by Bangladesh Railway without purchasing a ticket. Buy train tickets while traveling and encourage others to do so. Any traveling without a valid ticket may be subject to prosecution.
  7. For traveling with Bangladesh Railway, the passenger must have a valid ticket. No expired ticket or ticket having a future date of travel would be valid.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Client-Passenger to check the correctness of the ticket concerning the travel date and time, destination, seat number and coach details. Wrongly purchased tickets may be replaced depending on the availability of the desired destination, seat number etc.
  9. Except for whatever liability is admitted by Bangladesh Railway or Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV in this terms and conditions, neither Bangladesh Railway nor Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV accepts any liability of whatever nature arising out of the rail ticket or the travel.

If you are the Client-Passenger or buying the ticket on behalf of the Client-Passenger, it is required to agree with all these terms and conditions. Please read thoroughly all the terms and conditions and upon perusal, if you have understood the contents of the terms and conditions and agree to the same, please continue. Continuing constitute a formal agreement between you and the Bangladesh Railway for the purpose of transactions on this website.

Provision for cases in which tickets have been issued for trains not having room available for additional passengers:
  1. Fares shall be deemed to be accepted, and tickets to be issued, subject to the condition of there being room available on the train for which the tickets are issued.
  2. A person to whom a ticket has been issued and for whom there is not room available in the train for which the ticket was issued shall on returning the ticket within three hours after the departure of the train be entitled to have his fare refunded at once.
  3. A person for whom there is not room available for the class of carriage for which he has purchased a ticket and who is obliged to travel in a carriage of a lower class shall be entitled on delivering up his ticket to a refund of the difference between the fare paid by him and the fare payable for the class of carriage in which he traveled.

*These Terms and Conditions may be changed or amended by Bangladesh Railway at any time without any prior notice for legal, regulatory, commercial or security reasons or to enable the proper delivery of or to improve the delivery of the proper service.

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