Refund Policy

  1. For a refund of successfully purchased tickets, the Client or Passenger or Purchaser of the e-tickets must visit their respective originating station (i.e., Departure Station from which the Client-Passenger will travel) and contact the refund counter. Bangladesh Railway or Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV will not be held responsible for the non-issuance of tickets or delay of refund due to errors in payment processing or any other reasons that are beyond the control of Bangladesh Railway or Shohoz-Synesis-Vincen JV.
  2. Ticket return policy:
    • In case of ticket return 48 hours prior to the commencement of the journey, BDT 40 or 10% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • In case of less than 48 hours and more than 24 hours, BDT 40 or 25% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • In case of less than 24 hours and more than 12 hours, BDT 40 or 50% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • For less than 12 hours and more than 06 hours, BDT 40 or 75% of the ticket fare, whichever is more will be deducted;
    • No refund for less than 06 hours;
    • Service charges for online purchase are non-refundable.
  3. In case any Card/Wallet is charged and/or Payment Gateway fails to return the information in due time, it is possible that the passenger’s Card/Wallet would be charged without being issued for the desired tickets. In such instances, Payment Gateways will automatically refund the purchased amount by the Client-Passenger to their respective Card/Wallet within 8 (eight) working days.
  4. However, in case such a Client-Passenger does not receive refund within 8 (eight) working days, the client Client-Passenger is requested to send a complaint email to [email protected] with details of the issue. A reply to such a Client-Passenger will be sent within 7 working days. Due to the dependency on payment service providers, it might take several days to resolve the issue.
  5. For a refund of unsuccessful purchases and card charging issues, Client-Passenger must contact the Payment Service Provider through which s/he made the transaction.
  6. Advance tickets for Eid travel are non-refundable.
  7. Online Refund instructions:
    • Online refund is applicable for railway tickets purchased from e-tickets website and Rail Sheba app only.
    • You can click on the refund button for the desired ticket from purchase history, submit OTP sent to your mobile number for confirmation, and the refund process will be started.
    • The refund will be disbursed within a few days.
    • Please note once the OTP confirmation is sent, the booked seat(s) for the selected PNR will be released.
    • If any of your online ticket is printed from the counter before the journey date it will not be eligible for refund from the online refund system. It will be eligible for refund from the station counters only.

*Service Charge is charged by the service provider and it is non-refundable.

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